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The Real Value of MSP



May 2022 | Nextworks


The greater IT service industry has long since bid its fair ado to hourly IT support. Why is this you may ask? Why can’t I get IT support upon request and pay as I go? This seems like a fair relationship does it not?

This once straightforward approach worked well for the prior few decades. But it no longer allows for the fulfillment of modern IT requirements.

The IT support industry has adapted and evolved into an MSP (Managed Services Provider) platform. Benefits include increased security, improved workflow, better support, and normalized cash flow.

Let us take a closer look at the commitments of an MSP.


Your MSP invests in the security and high availability of your network. What do these mean exactly?

Today’s Internet and cloud landscape is a precarious environment. In order keep all systems running securely and reliably, the MSP must invest in a range of tools and implement procedures to ensure that you can stay focused on your business (and not your IT).

These include:

Putting these proactive checks into place allows your IT environment to function cohesively with your business.


Effective and expedient problem-solving mutually benefits both you and your MSP. By providing a frictionless workflow, the client/MSP relationship is further fortified. This is best accomplished via:

Responding to support requests under an MSP framework extends beyond merely addressing issues on-hand. All engagements are recorded into a case history and knowledgebase log. Pertinent information and creative resolutions are shared with the help desk team for furthering education.


Invoices from your MSP will be predictable. Services are billed at a regular monthly rate and determined by the number of employees with computers. This predictability allows you to budget and anticipate your IT expenses. An MSP should also be able to provide an IT plan, estimating all IT hardware, software, and service expenditures over the next 3-5 years.

IT project costs that fall outside of the scope of the MSP plan can be calculated ahead of time. Events that are extra billable include tasks such as office moves, specialized application support, or migrating to a new cloud service provider.


An MSP provides a Virtual CIO able to introduce technologies that are smart long-term strategic investments for your organization. Successfully balancing business strategy with day-to-day technology use is a task that requires an expansive outlook of the digital landscape.

Recommendations made are concentric around gaining operational efficiency, reducing costs, and growing your bottom line. Your vCIO can be indispensable for linking IT systems to your organization’s objectives.


The health, performance, and security of your network are the outcome of a successful long term partnership with your MSP.

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