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Medical Clinic

The client was using an existing VoIP ShoreTel phone system with reasonable success. However, they continued to run into unforeseen expenses and IT burdens as they grew their business and more employees transitioned to working from home. Difficulties included:

  • Making changes to the incoming call flow was often a complex procedure involving numerous iterations with their vendor and long waits.
  • Licensing and annual support costs grew at an unpredictable rate.
  • Phones and headsets were getting worn over time.
  • The aging integration software was difficult for IT to deploy on new computers.
  • Special upgrades and new equipment were required before employees could take their phones home.
  • The phone service was delivered over an expensive specialized data circuit from the carrier.

Nextworks Voice delivered a solution that addressed each of these difficulties. A Nextworks project manager worked with the team to determine the exact call flow needs. Recommendations included time saving solutions increasing the communication efficiency of each department. Billing was simplified to a price per phone and minutes used model. Cost was decreased to a reduced and predicable monthly rate. All phones were replaced with Bluetooth + Wi-Fi models with work from home capability. The staff was trained and given a user guide for the new system. Tools were put in place allowing managers to track call activity and patient hold time.

Vancouver, WA

Fitness Club

The client was using an in-house unsupported phone system with old failing phones. Replacing the phones was not an option. This system was connected to legacy and expensive T1 lines.

Nextworks reviewed all requirements and implemented a new solution with new features:

  • Sophisticated caller queue to assist with tennis court booking system
  • Excellent communication with clients via on-hold advertising
  • Ability to control phone behavior in case of weather issues
  • Brand new enterprise class phones with side panels
  • Significantly lower phone provider costs
Tualatin, OR


The client was using Comcast Business VoiceEdge with limited success. Comcast support was never able to address their phone system requirements. Functionality was limited to predefined options. The system was never a good fit for a religious organization, especially during pandemic times.

Nextworks implemented a custom solution to address the specific schedule of the Synagogue. We improved the user experience throughout the full call-flow process. Remote employees were able to use a customized version of the Nextworks software phone.

The Synagogue added all the above value with Nextworks Voice and is saving $300/month on their phone bill.

Portland, OR

Electronics Manufacturing

The client was using an in-house ShoteTel system that was working rather well. However, they were not able to add new phones without purchasing new licenses. Licenses were locked into a VAR who sold the system. The VAR was now requiring a $3000/year support contact, plus additional costs for new licenses and phones. A system wide upgrade project at an additional cost was also required before any new phones could be added. Even making small day-to-day call flow changes was proving to be difficult, and the wait time was easily over a week for every request.

Nextworks Voice delivered an entirely new system under a simple pay structure. At a set price per phone per month, there will never be upgrade, hardware, or licensing costs. The transition to the new system was conducted with no interruption in business. While there was of course some training involved, Nextworks was on-site providing user guides and hands on help.

Under Nextworks Voice, the client was also able to save an additional $450/mo by cancelling their T1 phone lines with their telco.

Milwaukie , OR

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