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VoIP Service Nextworks Voice™ Comcast Business VoiceEdge® RingCentral MVP™ Dialpad® Dialpad® White-Label ¹
Fully Custom Solution for Your Organization
Your Project Manager will work with your team to create a blueprint for your new system and see it through to completion.
Full Spectrum of Call Flow Scenarios
Provide a number of smart options for how calls flow through your organization. Managing how hold time is handled and how staff responds is esseential.
Fast & Local Support
Get resolution with effective help desk and fast response under a 30-minute SLA. Response time is often within minutes.
On-Site Installation
Phones are delivered and installed at your office by an experienced IT technician.
On-Site Service and Repair
Provide next business day shipping of damaged phones or deliver on-site if needed.
On-Site IT Requirement Assessment & Delivery
A VoIP engineer will review your network and identify compatibility and requirements.
Work From Home
Employees can work from home using either a physical desk phone or using a softphone (PC or Mac).
Enterprise Phones with High Definition Audio
Bluetooth, wi-fi, large screen, expandable, gigabit, plus user customizable rings, buttons, etc.
o o o o
Expansion Modules
Front desk or key personnel can see all extension activity at-a-glance with one touch transfer.
o o o o
As an alternative to a physical desk phone, you can use your computer to send and receive calls.
One Touch Special Modes
Closing the office early for the day or a holiday? One button to record the temporary closure message and another to activate.
Professional Announcements
The latest advancement in AI is avaialble for customerized voice announcements. [ Listen to a sample. ]
o o o o
Custom User Guide and Training
Provide a guide and train your employees on how to use the phone system written specifically for your unique call flow.
Comprehensive and Searchable Call Activity Reports
Provide online detailed access to review call volume, caller logs, and activity reports.
  o o
Call Recording
Record all or some calls to aid with supervision, training, or compliance requirements.
  o o
Activity Dashboard
Monitor and manage live caller activity for your organization from a central dashboard.
Phone Replacement
Provide unlimited replacement of damaged or outdated phones at no cost.
Diverse Headset Support
Help to identify the best headset for every situation. Help with connecting most major brand headsets.
Locally Owned & Operated
The Pacific Northwest is our home. Every customer is earned through hard work and personal attention.

o — Optional Service
1 — Often local competitors "white-label" Dialpad under their own brand.

What Our Competitors Lack

Time and again, Nextworks will witness a new phone system installation by a competitor that is left incomplete. While the technology deployed may be sound, the delivery falls short. We’ll see headsets not working, inconsistent phone setup, the wrong phones in ring groups, and incorrect call flow.

Nextworks takes pride in craftsmanship. We see a new phone project though to the end, down to every person and every phone.

What Nextworks Voice is Not

Many national providers include their own video conferencing and instant messaging features.

But why? Instead today we use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and others.

Nextworks remains focused on clear voice communications backed by excellent support.

See also our ➜ short video with tips for finding a technology partner.

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