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Working Smarter in the Field Using VoIP



April 2023 | Nextworks

AC Repair Man

Are you in the service industry with a team of professionals working in the field?

repair and maintenance

If so, it’s likely that your field personnel are provided with a company smartphone used for communication and likely hosting Field Service Management (FSM) software. FSM has evolved greatly over the decades increasing business efficiency to astounding levels. Just look at the success of Amazon. We are certainly in the Silicon Age.

Communication platforms using email and messaging is broadly addressed. But what about voice communications? Despite all the new logistical technologies widely used, little attention is often given to the routine task of making phone calls. On this front, many businesses are still in the Middle Ages.

Cellular Phone Call Defeats

Here are some of the pain points of cellular phone calls to and from your team in the field:

Your Softphone Champion

As an alternative to calling the cellphone of a field agent, calls to and from the agent can be directed through a softphone app on their smartphone. A softphone works like any other phone, able to send and receive calls. However, a softphone is part of a greater phone system. It behaves like a desk phone at the office. It is assigned an extension (e.g., Ext 214) and optionally can be assigned a dedicated phone number.

There are many advantages to using a softphone over cellular phone service. Because the softphone is a part of a bigger, well managed system, there exists an opportunity for call routing and transparency.

Benefits include:

Next Step: Lay Siege

Putting together a modern and capable business VoIP phone system with softphones might be quicker than you think. Nextworks can do almost all the legwork for you. Working together we can lay out a call-flow blueprint, and Nextworks will take it from there. Your field agents simply scan a QR code to get their softphone installed and configured. We provide all the training and support needed.

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