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Exacutive Overview of IT Security

IT Lockdown


December 2019 | Nextworks

July 2019: Capital One disclosed one of the largest thefts of personal information from a bank to date. 106 million clients were affected.

IT security is a big topic for big business, but it’s also a big topic for small business. We guide our clients though the complexities of IT security and compliance.

There exists an ocean of industry and government IT compliance requirements and standards. Just to list some examples:

Four Corners of IT Security

As your Virtual CIO, Nextworks can guide your organization though meeting the complex and fluid demands of IT security. We’ve quantified IT security into the ongoing process of four distinct functions.

4 corners security
  1. Seek - Discovery & Testing
  2. Lock - Hardening
  3. Shield - Monitoring & Reporting
  4. Learn - Reviews, Education & Procedure

Hackers get smarter and bolder. Internal threats can be just as perilous as external ones. The need to protect your digital assets and network is greater than ever.

The Mechanics of IT Security

Every IT environment is a complex interaction of people and components. Weak links in this chain can reveal security exploits for an intruder to find, or even stumble across. In order to meet security compliance, a comprehensive review of your network must be regularly conducted.

Your Nextworks vCIO is able to help lead your organization through this process delivering peace of mind.

Contact Nextworks today for a no cost Email, IT, and Network Security Risk Assessment.

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