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Nate Jarvis


Nate joins the Nextworks team with over 10 years of IT support experience and a die-hard enthusiasm for technology and gadgets. From a very young age, Nate showed a tremendous interest in electronic systems. Always keen to take things apart and figure out how the component pieces work together, years of hobbyist interest morphed into a career.
He recently moved to the Pacific Northwest from Charleston, SC where he earned an Information Systems degree from his local community college. Nate is excited to explore all the beautiful nature surrounding his new home. In his free time, he enjoys hikes with his wife and dogs, trying new restaurants, and traveling.

Core Talents
  • Help-Desk
  • Cloud Services
  • Windows
  • Customer Service
  • Bentley Law Firm
Greatest Assets
  • Client Communications
  • Technical Skills
  • Variety of Technical Certifications

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