Why Outsource Your IT to Nextworks?

Our team takes pride in being the best.

Outsourcing IT allows you to focus on your business, streamline process, and reduce costs. At Nextworks, we:
Deploy Best Practices for IT Management
Deliver High Availability Networks
Deploy Only 15+ Year IT Veterans
Deliver Fast & Effective Response
Deploy Utmost IT Organization and Efficiency
Deliver Reduced IT Costs with Superior Results

Quality Before Quantity

Our core beliefs deliver qualitative, rather than quantitative results.

Nextworks takes careful consideration before bringing on a new client. In order to deliver peace of mind to both sides of the relationship, it is essential that we are able to engage each client with utmost confidence. Failure is not an option. As a result, we have 100% client retention.

Cloud Computing

Smart outsourcing to the Cloud can simplify IT and bring peace of mind.

Cloud is a new term, but not a new approach. Organizations have been using the cloud for over a decade. In fact, the technology behind cloud computing has changed little in recent years.

But the cloud is now abuzz. The mention of the term draws crowds to events and its promises are compelling.

Moving to the cloud can make good business sense. Or, it may not. Some promises made are not always accurate. Nextworks can help you determine if indeed cloud computing can reduce complexity, and increase agility.

Let us provide you with a 5 year IT plan, weighing costs and advantages of a cloud vs. in-house model. If the cloud is right for your business, we have partnered with solid leaders in cloud hosting.

Technology Scope

When all you have is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail.

The skill set of our competition is almost always limited solely to the Microsoft platform. The 80/20 rule tells us why. 20% of an IT education (focused on Microsoft) allows an IT professional to service 80% of small and mid sized business needs. Microsoft becomes the end-all, be-all solution to every problem.

Nextworks concurs that the Microsoft model is in fact often the best solution, but not always.

The use of open source software, such as Linux, has risen to great prominence, and is the foundation of many of today’s technologies. Nextworks has been immersed in open source for well over a decade. Introducing open source in a sensible manner into your network can increase reliability and reduce costs. Open source also delivers increased auditability, flexibility, and support.